"This film really knocked me out; it's a great story, and the style is appropriately rad."
-Sam Green, director, "Weather Underground,"
awarding Best Narrative Film Award at the NWFVF to Marie Tyrell

marie tyrellMARIE TYRELL
a short film and interactive video
by Flick Harrison
based on a short story
by DM Fraser

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Marie Tyrell
Zero for Conduct, Flick's blog

Wednesday, Mar 1, 2006, 7pm

@ Spartacus Books -- 319 W Hastings

NWFF awardA revolutionary on death row, as seen through her lover's song, her psych report, her videotaped messages, her teenage diaries... based on a 1974 story by Vancouver's D.M. Fraser ("his books were once in every leftist bathroom in all of British Columbia"). Starring Tom Scholte and Susan Box.

Watch the narrative drama, then click the video to interrogate the politics, authorship and production of this DVD. Original footage of Noam Chomsky, Svend Robinson, Scott Ritter, the Woodwards Squat, Arts Council jurists, antiwar protests, Larry Campbell, Stephen Osborne, original soundtrack music by Landscape Body Machine, with appearances by July 4th Toilet, Anti-Flag, the Gay, and more.

Filmmaker Flick Harrison was called "offensive"and "unfair" by chief Chretien strategist Warren Kinsella.  Katherine Monk of the Vancouver Sun said "Films by Flick promise to provoke a range of reactions, from simple disgust to something as noble as social enlightenment..."

DM Fraser was born in Nova Scotia in 1946 and lived in Vancouver from 1967 until his death in 1985. He was a founder and editor of Pulp Press, and his two collections of stories, Class Warfare and The Voice of Emma Sachs, received great critical acclaim. He was renowned as a prose stylist and a literary character whose great promise was cut short by his early death. For some years he lived in the railroad flat above Morris's Junk Store on Main Street, which, as the "Vancouver Least Cultural Centre," became a focus of literary life in Vancouver.

Short Film: 25 minutes
+ Approximately 1.5 hours of documentary footage
+ Interview with filmmaker Flick Harrison
+ Instructions and documentary guide
+ Trailer
+ Demonstration video