"Sex, Drugs, Love, Marx..."
An underground feature by Vancouver's Flick Harrison

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"It's awesome, it's a great show!"
- Michael Eckford,
City TV's Breakfast TV

"Harker could be the next queen of the Vancouver indies."
- The Province,

-Lucianna Bohne,
founding editor, Film Criticism Journal

"Flick infuses the slacker ethic with Marxist underpinnings... Shelley MacDonald and Suzanne Ward turn in winning performances... A veritable who's who of local talent..."
- Kier-La Janisse,
Terminal City Weekly

"It has a tremendous amount to recommend it - I've never seen digital effects used so organically."
- Reg Harkema,
editor: Hard Core Logo, Twilight of the Ice Nymphs,
Director: A Girl is a Girl

"Reminded me, in its scale & pacing, of early, pre-Hollywood Wenders... in terms of a bottom-up concept of a distinctive national cinema."
-Douglas Ord, Lear's Shadow

"It certainly is a convincing picture of urban alienation, or capitalist alienation, if you prefer..."
-Boyce Richardson,
author, Memoirs of a Media Maverick

"Hey Flick, just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed watching Sex, Drugs, Love, Marx. Congratulations! That was quite an ambitious project, dude! ...Wow."
- Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby,
Video Artists

Flick Harrison's feature debut "Sex, Drugs, Love, Marx..." combines the Canadian-film pillars of social realism and documentary, the underground ethos of a D.I.Y.-or-die aesthetic, a jazzy post-rock score by Saul Duck (members of the Beans and Baron Samedi), a political subtext weaving 60's New Wave formalism into anti-globalization 2004, and appearances by Christine Taylor, Tom Scholte, and David Parsons. Shot by veteran still photographer Jane Weitzel (just finished shooting Blaine Thurier's "Male Fantasy"), starring Rebecca Harker ("Moving Malcolm," Bruce Sweeney's "American Venus") and Peter Grier (touring with "The Overcoat").

SYNOPSIS: Jez (Grier) and Shandy (Harker) move to Vancouver from Ottawa but their love struggles against work, money, Jez's new friends - cosmopolitaine Lara (Suzanne Ward), who runs a mail-order bride website, and her hustling buddy Guelph (Terry Sidhu) - Shandy's hardass boss Margaret (Shelley MacDonald) and the time-distorting drug Catnip.

add'l music by

David Roy Parsons

"Sex, Love, Drugs, Marx..."
Blinding Light!! Microcinema
Vancouver, BC
May 17-18, 2003

The Screening Room
Tucson, Arizona
June 20 & 21, 2003, 8p.m.
127 E. Congress - preceded by shorts!

Nickel Independent Film and Video Festival
St John's, Newfoundland
July 16-19, 2003