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Join us Monday, June 7 at 730 pm for a talk by Flick Harrison at the Western Front in Vancouver.

Flick Harrison will discuss his experimental interactive DVD project Marie Tyrell. Based on a 1974 story by D.M. Fraser and starring Tom Scholte (Live Bait, Dirty) and Susan Box (July 4th Toilet), Marie Tyrell depicts the life of a revolutionary on death row, as seen through her lover's song, her psych report, her videotaped messages, and her teenage diaries.

The DVD presents narrative on two different levels: the first creates a linear dramatic piece, while the second offers a mechanism by which the viewer/user may click on objects within the drama to interrogate the politics, authorship and production of the work. These interrogations are like narrative tesseracts, temporary leaps outside the linear narrative: the viewer always returns to the same moment from which they "clicked away." They detour the omniscient fictional voice of the drama, but re-prime the viewer to see the same scenes again with new information and awareness.

Flick Harrison has done community / activist / political film, video, documentary, installation and theatre work for over 10 years, starting as a videographer on the national CBC series Road Movies, and going on to work with 536 Arts Collective, Western Theatre Conspiracy, DanceArts Vancouver, Headlines Theatre, and Impudence Cultural Productions. He's videographed feature films for Reg Harkema and Katherine Surridge and shot video for R.E.M., Bruce Sweeney, Nettie Wild, David Vaisbord, James Dunnison, among others. As part of the Canada-Council funded interactive DVD project Marie Tyrell he studied at Z Media Institute with Noam Chomsky.

Monday, June 7th at 730 pm
Western Front
303 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, Canada

See you there!

Kate Armstrong
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